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Digital Signage

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Digital Signage Explained

Why Digital Signage?

Digital signage is an eye-catching, hip and economically-superior way of getting dynamic messages out to customers – in a way they are used to seeing information. Examples of digital signs include digital menu systems in restaurants, information displays in corporate lobbies, LCD-based advertising in malls, wayfinding and announcement boards in community areas or schools. Affordable, content-rich and easy-to-use, Digital Signage allows dynamic messaging updates while reducing print and administrative costs. It increase the power of visually-diverse messages as it connects with customers and inform employees.

Digital signs can accomplish a variety of tasks depending on your needs. They can advertise, promote, and inform individuals with all kinds of information. And when the information changes, so do the signs. This unique adaptability allows digital signage to excel in many areas where traditional signs faltered. Gone are the days of printing and re-printing signs every time a product has been altered or a menu updated.

Content Creation

Komo Media Signage platform gives you the ability to display any type of media. You can showcase HD Videos, Flash, Images, RSS feed, GIF animations, Audio files and more. Our digital signage solutions provide an elaborate functionality to each control display independently and comprehensively.

Hardware and Installation

Komo Media offers a complete range of dynamic messaging solutions to inform, promote, entertain & sell. Ranging from simple, low cost, product showcase systems for retail and restaurants to enterprise-class digital signage hardware and software solutions for complex installations.

Support and Maintenance

Komo Media Signage Solutions allows you a complete range of on-screen design templates from full-screen layouts to zoned, sectional and divided displays. Choose any content to achieve that aesthetic design that brings attention to your message.

Digital Menu Boards

Komo Media offers a superior product for a fraction of the cost of comparable full-featured solutions. Our Digital Signage platforms can be scaled to any sized application. With ZERO subscription fees, Komo Media signage systems guarantee the best return on investment.


How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of implementing a digital signage solution varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are a host of different variables to take into account, such as the cost of a display, digital signage controller, cabling, content creation, content management systems, and even system integration. The combined price of these components plays a crucial factor in determining both your budget and consequently, the quality of your signage solution. It’s important to accurately assess the needs of your business in order to get the best fit, as negligence on this part can result in severely overpaying.

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